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Classes run in terms throughout the year but do not necessarily follow school term dates. You can block book at the start of a term or join a class at any time if a place is available and pay as you go (booking on before each week) Alternatively you can join the waiting list for a place in the following term, spaces are offered to those currently attending classes first. Once you have completed your block booking you must attend for consecutive weeks.

On booking adults are responsible for informing Make and Bake of any dietary requirements/allergies the child may have. Make and Bake accept no liability for reactions due to known allergies which have not been communicated.

Although activities and class structure is led by Make and Bake staff, adults are responsible for the child they accompany to class. They are to watch and ensure safety of their child, judging the child’s abilities during tasks and provide assistance accordingly.

Confirmation of booking:

Once you have completed the registration process you will receive a confirmation email. This indicates you have read and agree to these terms and conditions. 


Make and Bake can only hold your place for 2 days without payment. You will receive a reminder but if payment remains outstanding Make and Bake reserves the right to cancel your booking.

Missed Sessions:

Make and Bake is unable to offer concessions (in block bookings) for sickness or holidays but you are welcome to give your place to a friend if you know you will be away one week. Please contact us to inform us of a change in person attending including their name, child’s name, contact number and any dietary requirements. Regretfully you are unable to carry missed sessions over to the new term. If your child has a prior hospital or doctor's appointment and are unable to make your usual class we may be able to fit you into another class that week. Please contact to discuss

Other Siblings:

Classes are designed for toddlers 18months to 4years of age. Younger siblings are welcome to come and observe the class if the adult attending feels they can fully supervise both children. Please contact us for more information regarding the discount for twins and siblings

Health and Safety:

Adults will be responsible for ensuring the child wears appropriate clothing and footwear and for notifying Make and Bake if the child has any relevant medical conditions e.g.: allergies, epilepsy, diabetes etc.


Occasionally we may take photographs during class for use on our website, social media or promotion of the business, we will notify adults at the beginning of class if this is to take place, if you do not consent to use of your child’s image please inform us.

Data Protection:

The information you provide during registration contains personal data. Make and Bake will record and keep your personal information secure in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Information will not be passed on to a third party.


Children should be kept at home if they are ill or have a serious infection. If a serious infection has occurred, please let us know so that we can inform other parents.

Please keep your child at home if he/she:

•      Has a fever or has had one in the previous 24 hours

•      Has had diarrhoea in the previous 48 hours

Has symptoms of possible communicable diseases such as:

•      Measles/German Measles

•      Chicken pox

•      Whooping cough

•      Impetigo

•      Scarlet fever

•      Hand, foot and mouth disease

•      Norovirus

Cancellation of classes: 

Make and Bake will endeavour to run classes whenever possible and safe to do so. However should we need to cancel a class, adults will be contacted by email/text. Make and Bake reserves the right to cancel classes without refund in exceptional circumstances beyond our control (e.g. fire, flood, treacherous snow, serious illness etc.). If your class is unable to run Make and Bake will try to substitute an alternative class leader. If this isn't possible you will be notified of cancellation by text/email or phone call. Make and Bake will endeavour to run a 'catch up' class at the end of the term to replace your session. If this isn't possible you will receive a refund.
All places are non-refundable/ non-transferable: 

Make and Bake is under no obligation to refund or transfer your money in the event that you are unable to attend part of or the entire term when block booking; you’re welcome to attend a different class if you are unable to make your own. This is dependent upon availability and must be discussed first. You are however; welcome to offer your place to a friend as a gift. If you want to offer your place to another, please notify us as soon as possible.

 Information and how to contact us:

If you have any questions, queries or concerns please email us at

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